Atrack AK7 3G

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AK7 Web.png

Atrack AK7 3G


3g Tracking Device for ArmadaGPS

This device requires installation. Installation is the purchasers responsibility.

A monthly subscription fee of US$15.00 per device (excluding taxes) will be charged separately two weeks after product is shipped.

This subscription fee includes platform access, and a Global Data SIM.

30 days notice is required to cancel contract.


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Network -3g
Size - 80 x 48 x 26mm
Weight - 63g
Waterproof - No
Backup Battery - 650mAh
Operating Voltage - 8 ~ 40V DC
Installation - Standard 3 wire Install
Ignition State Sense - Yes
Aux/PTO Sense - Yes
Panic/SOS - Yes


Poll Reason Distance/Angle 400m, 15 deg